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How To Find And Select A North Carolina Printing Company

Many businesses in the state of NC may be interested in finding a North Carolina printing company. They may have various reasons for needing one, including the printing of business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, and various other promotional items. There are many methods of finding such firms. These include looking on the Internet, getting referrals from other businesses, checking in phone books, and more. Once a company has a list of printers to choose from, it helps to have some tools which aid in selecting the right vendor.

When selecting a printer, companies need to focus on price, capabilities, and turnaround times. Each of these aspects will be discussed in detail below.

To begin, a North Carolina firm comparing different printers needs to focus on price. They need to review the CPM, or cost per thousand, of each printer. The CPM is how much it costs per thousand pieces of material that are printed. Cost is a big factor, as printing services can be quite expensive especially where special jobs (for example, glossy pieces) are concerned. NC companies also need to look at the different features that each printer providers. It helps to select a vendor that can perform a variety of tasks, including printing a profusion of marketing materials as well as business cards. Some printers even have mailing facilities on their premises. Such companies can be extremely attractive options given that there are freight charges associated with transporting printed pieces to a mailer that are eliminated when both vendors operate out of the same plant.

Last but not least, it is critical to look at turnaround times when a North Carolina business is looking for a printer. In particular, they have to see if printers offer next day service and reasonable turnaround times for an entire production cycle. Time is money, and printers who take over a five day period to get thousands of pieces printed should be moved to the bottom of a company's list, if not entirely eliminated. In conclusion, NC firms have a lot to think about when selecting printers. It is easy enough to compile a list of printers from sources such as the Internet, referrals, phone books, etc. When it comes down to comparing the printers and ultimately selecting one, firms need to think about price, features offered, and turnaround times.